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Pomegranate Peach-sicles

COOK TIME: 4 Hours 20 Minutes
MAKES: 12 Servings


24.5 oz. DOLE® Sliced Peaches (725 mL)
2 cups vanilla low fat yogurt (500 mL)
¼ cup sugar (50 g)
12 (5 oz) paper cups
12 wooden ice cream sticks
2 cups pomegranate juice, chilled (500 mL)


Drain peach slices, reserving 1/2 cup syrup.

Combine peaches, yogurt and sugar in blender or food processor container. Cover, blend until smooth. Pour mixture equally into 12 paper cups. Place on tray and freeze, about 1 hour or until partially set.

Insert one wooden stick into center of each cup; freeze one hour longer or until almost solid.

Pour pomegranate juice equally into each cup over yogurt mixture. Freeze until firm 2 hours or overnight. Remove paper cups to serve.

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