Pineapple and Pancetta Salad
Pineapple Pancetta Salad
5 min
Prep Time:
4 servings
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Hand Picked Selections Sweet and Spicy Salad
Sweet and Spicy
Prep Time:
2-3 servings
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The Importance of Fruit
How to make fruit a more enticing snack
The assertion that fruits and vegetables are essential to a nutritious daily diet is a fact unchallenged by health specialists;  however, eating enough of them is a challenge. This year, Statistics Canada revealed that only 43 percent of us...

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Almond Mini Crunch Strawberry Goji

Dole Live Right Mini Crunch are delicious little clusters of nuts and fruits–perfect for recharging the body with natural goodness.  All are slow dry-roasted with a touch of sea salt and combined with chewy bits of exotic fruit, for a slightly sweet and uniquely crunchy snack.

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Health check approved, No artificial preservatives, All natural ingredients, Gluten free, Low sodium, No additives, Vegan, Wheat Free

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